It's all the same Ubuntu

21 Jun 2017 11:07
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Гарні були у Кенонікал телефони:

"The phones were slow and had to be rebooted on a regular basis. [...] The battery indicator tended to show bogus data. Mobile data was unreliable, (national) roaming often didn’t work at all. The location service was very unreliable. The phone didn’t always ring when called, or you couldn’t make an outgoing call because the UI hid the buttons. The alarm didn’t work reliably. Bluetooth only supported audio devices, and later input devices, but not even basic file transfer. WiFi would not connect to WPA Enterprise networks until OTA-5. I think at one point the music player even started deleting files while indexing them."

Зате не злий Гоогл.

Ukraine War Stories podcast

19 Jun 2017 00:16
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Nolan Peterson is a U.S. war correspondent who has been reporting on the war in Ukraine, often from the front lines, for three years. He's had a front-row seat to Russia's invasion of the country—including tank battles, trench warfare, snipers and artillery barrages.


A profit share scheme

18 Jun 2017 01:29
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Прикро відчувати себе галімим лузером. Ось як люди працюють:

The top result is an ad for “WEP Password Generator”, a simple random string generator that charges $50/month. It’s already making $10,000 per month, despite being released in April.

How to Make $80,000 Per Month on the Apple App Store

*пірнає у депресію*

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Цікаво, навіщо у npm, Inc стали вставляти у блог пости імбецильну мазню "мамо, дивись! я намалював дівча та хмару!"?

У пості 8 фігурок "девелоперів". Якщо раніше всі малювали на діаграмах абстрактного безстатевого користувача, то зараз я нарахував 6 расових категорій та 5 "жіночих" зачісок.

I feel they're overdoing it.

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"Shout out to the six people who have tried to copy a share key from
one DAS page and use it to access another for free. I thought of that.

Those six people: 2x Mac, 3x Windows, 1x Linux. So 33% Mac. 41% of DAS
desktop hits come from Macs, but 74% of paying customers use Macs.

Which means: Mac users disproportionately pay, and it seems that
non-Mac users disproportionately try to "steal" (we have no better

9 Jun 2017

That "1x Linux" was me, HAHAHA.

I literally have an urge to do such king of checks "did the author think of that" purely for the sake of it. Had he failed to do the job properly, I would have dropped him an email.

I'm not a subscriber, btw.